The Best Ukulele Finger Picks of 2022

While getting better with the Ukulele mostly relies on your skills and practicing, having the right finger picks doesn’t hurt.

So on this page we will attempt to list the ideal Ukulele finger picks that will make you perform better.

Ukulele Finger Picks

Having the best ukulele finger picks not only will make the sound come out brighter and stronger but will help you practice and get better more easily.

The best ukulele finger picks are either made of steel or plastic and fit in your finger comfortably. Another important thing is that the finger picks should cover all your finger till your thumb and not move.

Our choice: EPIC berry Thumb and Finger Picks

Leather Ukulele Picks

It’s not easy to find the right leather ukulele picks that will fit perfect for you.

We have decided to make a list with the best leather ukulele picks you can find online.

These leather picks are created with the highest quality materials and adhere to the strictest quality requirements.

Our choice: Leather Picks for Ukulele, Guitar and Bass by Lohanu

Can you use a guitar pick on a ukulele?

Ukulele picks aren’t the same as guitar picks. Ukulele picks are often composed of felt or leather, while most guitar picks are made of plastic. Your ukulele’s body or finish may be damaged if you use a conventional hard plastic guitar pick on it.

Are finger picks good for ukulele?

This is more of a personal question because some like them while others don’t enjoy using finger picks for ukulele. I advised my students to not start with finger picks but many of them started using them after some time. Their opinion was that if you want to use finger picks for ukulele you have to buy small ones and not play hard with them.

How do you read finger picks for ukulele?

Look up the ukulele area on the internet and find the ukulele that best meets your needs. You can then look up the names and placements of the notes. The majority of ukulele players strum. If you’ve played an acoustic guitar before, you can adapt the picking style to your needs. Because the guitar is a distinct instrument, you’ll need to learn how to pick a four-string guitar. Match the chords and practice your ukulele picking skill. Slowly but steadily, you’ll hit your stride.