5 Best Finger Picks for Dobro in 2022

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Best Finger Picks for Dobro

A Dobro guitarist’s collection should include Dobro finger picks as one of the most important tools.

That is why we have made a list that includes the 5 best finger picks for dobro in 2022.

These picks round the edges of the fingers and are capable of simultaneously playing multiple strings. Three finger picks, one of which is the thumb pick, are used together.

Although Dobro finger picks appear to be little, they are capable of producing powerful and high-quality music. They are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and quality.

There are thick finger picks and thin finger picks. Thick finger picks are designed to generate a forceful and louder sound, whereas thin finger picks are designed to produce a softer tone.

Some finger picks will readily fit in your fingers, while others will need to be adjusted to accommodate your finger size.

Furthermore, the materials utilized to create each of the finger picks vary, but they are all supposed to be sturdy enough to be used for an extended period of time.

These finger picks are primarily made of steel, celluloid, and alloys such as brass and nickel silver. They are usually light in weight so that those who use them may easily carry them.

The Best Finger Picks for Dobro in 2022

Learn which are the best finger picks you can buy for your Dobro.

National NP1-7T Thumb & Finger Pick Pack

This set of thumb and finger picks is designed specifically for Dobro guitarists. But they are suitable for guitars, resos, banjos, and other instruments as well.

Thumb picks and finger picks that are straightforward and simple in appearance yet capable of producing amazing music can be purchased and added to a musician’s collection.

There are 2 mock tortoise NP-7T medium sized thumb picks in total in this collection, both in a rich color. The rest of the finger pick is constructed of stainles ssteel, which is lightweight and gleams with a silvery gleam.

These picks feature a classic style and design that dates back to the 1900s when they were first manufactured.

These thumb and finger picks have ancient designs, but they are still used by professional musicians during live concerts and shows. They weigh of these finger picks is 0.493 ounces. They are also 0.2 inches in length and width.

Tone Deaf Music Stainless Steel Finger Picks

These finger picks are made specifically for those who play Dobro guitars. They can, however, be utilized by those who have banjos, resonator guitars, or acoustic guitars.

These finger picks come in a set of three and are made of high-quality stainless steel. They also don’t weigh a lot, so Dobro guitarists can easily wear them.

This finger pick is roughly 0.356 ounces in weight. They measure about 3 inches in length and 1.6 inches in width.

These finger picks also have a little aperture so that you can touch the strings when playing the guitar.

These finger picks can also be used by people with both thick and thin fingers. They may be adjusted to fit any finger size by altering the width of the finger picks or curving them further.

Because of the LIFETIME RTB WARRANTY you can also return these finger picks to the sellers if any of them are defective.

Bend the metal collar to produce a snug fit and adjust to fit your fingers. Large, medium, and small are all doable.

QINISH Stainless Steel Finger Picks

This is a set of 12 fashionable finger picks in various shapes and designs. The pack includes 8pcs silver stainless steel finger picks and 4pcs black plastic thumb picks. They are available in black and white colors.

Alloy Steel, commonly steel used in the construction of musical instruments, is used to make these thumb picks. The remaining finger picks are constructed of plastic and metal and have a gleaming finish.

In general, thumb picks are smaller in size. Those who have trouble fitting these thumb picks into their thumbs can alter them somewhat.

Keeping them in hot water will cause the thumb pick to expand somewhat, allowing it to be easily adjusted in your thumb.

This pair of thumb and finger picks was created in the 1900s and is still used by musicians today. They are small and light, the pack weighs about 2.39 ounces. These picks have a length of around one inch and a breadth of half an inch.

You can use them for your Dobro, Banjo, Guitar, Harp, Ukulele.

Honbay 6 Metal Finger Picks + 2 Thumb Picks Set

Honbay finger picks were first available in 2015, and these timeless sets are still in high demand today. The set includes six metal finger picks and two metal thumb picks.

The finger picks may be modified to fit the curve of the player’s fingertips with ease. The thumb picks, on the other hand, would need to be cut if they didn’t fit.

Honbays’s metal finger picks are ideal if you’re seeking for a reliable and long-lasting finger pick.

To avoid injuring their fingers, many pros choose to utilize finger picks, which gives them more control over sound output. They are not only comfortable to use, but they are also dependable due to the metal, which makes them long-lasting.

These thumb and finger picks can work well for you if you’re looking for a traditional sound. The use of finger picks aids in the production of a resonant, crisp tone.

This set of finger picks and thumb picks provides comfort and a warm response to the player, as well as better control.

The size of these finger picks is 18*20*35mm (0.7*0.78*1.37 inch) and the size of the thumb pick is 40*18*16mm (1.57*0.7*0.62 inch).

Alice Stainless Steel, Open Design, Metal Finger Picks

Alice’s conventional finger picks, which were first produced in the 1990s, are still popular among musicians.

They are easy to use, adjust, and may be used for an extended amount of time. This set includes 6 finger picks per package.

Celluloid of superior quality has a natural feel and a warm, fat tone.

These finger picks have a wide usage as they can be used for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classic guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, and other instruments.

Electric, bass, banjo, and Dobro players employ thumb and finger picks because they help create a rebellious, resonant sound and the volume can be manipulated accordingly.

Finger picks may seem strange at first, but once you get used to them, you’ll notice how much of a difference they make to the sound your guitar or Dobro produces.

These finger picks can work well for you if you’re looking for a traditional sound. They aid in the reduction of the sound created by strumming the guitar without the use of any additional effects.

The weight of this pack is 0.317 ounces. The material used to make these finger picks is alloy steel.

Best Finger Picks for Dobro FAQs

How do you wear dobro finger picks?

You have to make sure you just have a bit of the tip extending above the fingernail. And again, there are different options here because some people like to keep just a short part of the tip protruding out and some prefer a larger part. You have to try it yourself with the type of dobro finger picks you have and see what is more comfortable for you. Just experiment with it until you feel like the picks are fitting perfectly in your finger.

Okay, now once you wear the finger picks, you want to make sure you don’t get crappy sound with them which is very easy on the lowest one strings if you pluck the strings at an angle. So set off by picking the fifth or fourth string with your index and if you’re scraping noise, you might want to bend your wrist just a little until it cleans it up. If you’re scraping noise, just rotate it and then you try until you don’t hear any scraping noise anymore.