5 Best Finger Picks for Autoharp in 2022

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Best Finger Picks for Autoharp

Finger Picks are one of the most important things an autoharp guitarist should add to his collection.

Read our in-depth review on the 5 best finger picks for autoharp in 2022.

Although Autoharp finger picks appear to be little, they are capable of producing powerful and high-quality music. They are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and quality.

There are thick finger picks and thin finger picks. Thick finger picks are designed to generate a forceful and louder sound, whereas thin finger picks are designed to produce a softer tone.

Some finger picks will readily fit in your fingers, while others will need to be adjusted to accommodate your finger size.

Furthermore, the materials utilized to create each of the finger picks vary, but they are all supposed to be sturdy enough to be used for an extended period of time.

The Best Finger Picks for Autoharp in 2022

Learn which are the best finger picks you can buy for your Autoharp.

National NP1-8B Thumb & Finger Pick Pack

4 long-wearing NP-1 stainless steel finger picks and 2 black NP-8B large sized thumb picks are included in the set.

Finger picks can simply be modified to fit the shape of the player’s fingertips. The thumb picks, on the other hand, would need to be cut if they didn’t fit.

Steel thumb and finger picks are popular among festival performers because they allow them to have more control over volume and generate a clean, resonant tone.

If you play Autoharp, Dobro, bass, ukulele, or any other instrument, these steel thumb and finger picks are ideal.

Because it provides a distinct crisp, bright tone from those created by strumming your fingers. They are not only comfortable to use, but they are also dependable due to the stainless steel, which makes them long-lasting.

The pack weights 0.493 ounces and was first available in 2013. The color of the thumb picks is black and the size is large.

The thickness of the finger picks is medium and the material used to make them is stainless steel and plastic.

National NP-2B-4PK Finger Picks

National finger picks were created in the 1930s, and these famous sets are still in high demand today. This set comprises 4 brass finger picks and they are available in brass.

The finger picks may be modified to fit the curve of the player’s fingertips with ease making them perfect for Autoharp.

National’s brass finger picks are ideal if you’re seeking for a reliable and long-lasting finger pick. They are made in the United States, and artists prefer them because of the high quality of the finger piks.

Whether playing the autoharp, guitar, banjo, bass, or Dobro, the finger picks make it easier for the player to generate a clear, warm tone with volume control.

These finger picks weight 0.16 ounces.

AIEX Adjustable Finger Plectrum Thumb Picks Set

AIEX’s thumb and finger picks set has 6 pieces of finger picks, of which are 4pcs stainless steel finger picks (18mm/0.7inch in diameter) and 2pcs plastic thumb picks (15mm/0.59inch in diameter).

Thumb picks have a gauge of 18.8mm, while finger picks have a size of 15.4mm.

The finger picks are composed of high-quality stainless steel that is wear-resistant, safe, solid, long-lasting, and durable.

The other two thumb picks are constructed of high-quality ABS plastic, which is smooth and comfortable to use and protects your fingers well.

Many musicians choose to use finger picks instead of strumming the guitar with their fingers to prevent injuring or grinding their fingertips. Well, with these finger picks your fingertips will be safe even if you use your autoharp for long hours.

The thumb and finger picks’ sizes can be modified to fit the form of a person’s finger. They’re ideal for beginners learning to play the autoharp, guitar, Dobro, and other instruments using thumb and finger picks.

You can use them not only for your everyday practice, but also as gifts for your friends and family.

Although this size will fit most adult fingers, please double-check the product dimensions and confirm your finger size before purchase.

The weight of these finger picks is 0.352 ounces. The color of the finger picks is silver while the thumb picks come in black.

Frienda Adjustable Finger Picks

Frienda’s Adjustable Finger Picks pack has 2 pieces beige finger picks in medium size (14 mm in diameter) and 6 pieces beige finger picks in large size (16 mm in diameter).

If you buy this set, you will receive a plastic storage box that will help you keep your finger picks safe and in order.

Place these autoharp finger picks over the fingertip and under the nail. If they don’t fit perfectly, you can use a nail clipper to trim them.

Trimming in various ways produces varied shapes that are closer to your finger shape.

The finger picks are composed of high-quality plastic that ensure a lovely tone and long-term durability. It is not easily bent and may follow you for a long time.

These finger picks can be worn when playing electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classic guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, autoharp and other instruments, ensuring sound quality is maintained fast and effectively.

The pack weights 0.352 ounces. The thickness of the finger picks is medium and the size is perfect for adults.

SUNLP Thumb Finger Picks

SUNLP’s thumb finger picks pack comes with 3 finger picks and 1 thumb pick. They come in random colors.

With this set you will also get 10 guitar finger protectors (5sizes*2pcs each), 1 picks holder, 6 0.46mm guitar pick and 1 picks case.

If you like playing the autoharp for long hours but your fingers are hurting, then this is a great product for you.

Say bye-bye to your finger pain and enjoy the great sound coming out of your instrument for a long time.

The high quality silicone finger protector are really comfortable to wear and you can hold them for long time.

One thing you won’t have to worry about is the size. Because of the celluloid material used in these finger picks, you can easily adjust the size of them.

To adjust the size of the finger picks according to your finger, you have to use boiled water. Soak the finger picks in the water and leave them there for some time.

After taking them out of water, use a hair drier to dry them with hot air. You will be able to adjust the finger picks after.

The weight of this set is 0.704 ounces. The material used to make them is silicone.

Best Finger Picks for Autoharp FAQs

How do you wear finger picks for autoharp?

You have to make sure you just have a bit of the tip extending above the fingernail. And again, there are different options here because some people like to keep just a short part of the tip protruding out and some prefer a larger part. You have to try it yourself with the type of autoharp finger picks you have and see what is more comfortable for you. Just experiment with it until you feel like the picks are fitting perfectly in your finger.

Okay, now once you wear the finger picks, you want to make sure you don’t get crappy sound with them which is very easy on the lowest one strings if you pluck the strings at an angle. So set off by picking the fifth or fourth string with your index and if you’re scraping noise, you might want to bend your wrist just a little until it cleans it up. If you’re scraping noise, just rotate it and then you try until you don’t hear any scraping noise anymore.