The Best Dobro Finger Picks of 2022

While getting better with the Dobro mostly relies on your skills and practicing, having the right finger picks doesn’t hurt.

So on this page we will attempt to list the ideal finger picks that will make you perform better.

Dobro Finger Picks

Having the best dobro finger picks not only will make the sound come out brighter and stronger but will help you practice and get better more easily.

The best dobro finger picks are either made of steel or plastic and fit in your finger comfortably. Another important thing is that the finger picks should cover all your finger till your thumb and not move.

Our choice: National NP1-7T Thumb & Finger Pick Pack

How to wear dobro finger picks?

The way you can wear dobro finger picks depends on your thumb size and also you have to find the position that feels the most comfortable for you. So, you will have to try to wear finger picks and experiment a bit in the beginning. The most important thing you are looking for is that it should be tight on your thumb. Be careful that the finger pick is not too tight, or it will cut your blood circulation and your finger will hurt after your take off your picks.

So, what you are looking for is to find the balance so the dobro finger picks won’t be too tight or too lose either. If your finger picks are too lose they could end up spinning around or even dropping into the floor.

How do you wear finger picks for Dobro?

You have to make sure you just have a bit of the tip extending above the fingernail. And again, there are different options here because some people like to keep just a short part of the tip protruding out and some prefer a larger part. You have to try it yourself with the type of dobro finger picks you have and see what is more comfortable for you. Just experiment with it until you feel like the picks are fitting perfectly in your finger.

Okay, now once you wear the finger picks, you want to make sure you don’t get crappy sound with them which is very easy on the lowest one strings if you pluck the strings at an angle. So set off by picking the fifth or fourth string with your index and if you’re scraping noise, you might want to bend your wrist just a little until it cleans it up. If you’re scraping noise, just rotate it and then you try until you don’t hear any scraping noise anymore.

How do you use finger picks for Dobro?

Although you can play with bare fingers, I still strongly recommend that you try to wear finger pics especially if you want to play progress.