Autoharp Picks

While getting better with the Autoharp mostly relies on your skills and practicing, having the right picks doesn’t hurt.

So on this page we will attempt to list the ideal Autoharp picks that will make you perform better.

Autoharp Finger Picks

Having the best autoharp picks not only will make the sound come out brighter and stronger but will help you practice and get better more easily.

The best Autoharp finger picks are either made of steel or plastic and fit in your finger comfortably. Another important thing is that the finger picks should cover all your finger till your thumb and not move.

Our choice: National NP1-8B Thumb & Finger Pick Pack

Do you need picks to play autoharp?

To extract any melody from the autoharp, one must be able to accent individual strings, which necessitates the use of finger picks or reinforced fingernails.