About Us

My name is Samantha Gomez, I am 27 years old and I live in California. I studied music and finished the high school at Oakland School For the Arts. After the high school, I continued my studies at the University of Southern California.

I graduated at the university and dedicated all my life to music ever since. Now I have my own band, and I am the band’s guitarist. I love to play acoustic, classical, electric and any other guitar.

While spending most of my time playing the guitar, I often found my fingers hurting after I stopped playing. That was the time I decided to try the instrument accessories called “finger picks”.

I fell in love with the finger picks after using them to play my guitar for hours and finding out my fingers were not hurting and not sweaty at all. Now I use finger picks all the time when I am playing the guitar and I want to get a clear tone out of the instrument without hurting my fingers or fingernail.

Experiencing this, I thought with myself, if I had this problem then a lot of other people are experiencing it too. That is the reason I decided to make this website and dedicate it to finger picks. I will list all the best finger picks I use for my instruments like guitar, dobro, banjo, autoharp, ukulele and others.

After reading my blog posts you will learn which are the best finger picks for every musical instrument. You will get the best out of your instrument without worrying about your fingers.

Read our reviews on each finger picks brands and products and learn why and how should you wear and use your finger picks.